What is Gaijin actually thinking?

The guys are really working on the vehicles and the landscape, I mean visually.
On the other hand, you can really deface the tanks here, e.g. Place Santa Claus on the tower or mount a sparkler at the rear.
Are these really the needs here?
If gamers want something so colorful, let them play Fortnite, you always have a banana as a weapon.
I really enjoy playing it, but if I see the cheesiness here I might puke.

So that had to come out, maybe Gaijin should think about it.


Should just have added a toggle for all the garbage, pretending it’s a realistic game when tanks drive around with neon signs, sparklers and random objects, as well as crap bushes they stole from someone’s garden, not to mention racist/sexual/homophobic slurs plastered on vehicles, political statements and symbols.

I don’t want to see any of that, but instead all we get is this stupid thing where bushes can fall off.


Its just for some fun, if you don’t like it, you can turn it off in settings.

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are you really complaining about cosmetics???