What in the heck is the state of top tier air right now?

Someone tell me, what should i be thinking with the game like this?
I want to avoid the mess that currently is GRB. What the heck is going on with air?

Its a 16v16 free for all, one giant furball with 40 missiles in the air at the same time.

The radar missiles don’t work properly, as in they fly in random directions even with a steady lock.

Chaff has been buffed to all hell, with it now even fooling Pulse Doppler filtering, even when not notching.

What is this? What is the point of introducing state of the art aircraft with UFO performance, dedicated to getting long range missiles high in the atmosphere to extend the functional engagement range if you model radar’s incorrectly and make us fight in a giant furball at 1000 feet AGL.


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