What have game developers done to Top tier NATO hellis?

All Spike missiles including the PARS missile on Tiger UHT are absolutely trash now. Why they keep nerfing things that barely good.

I spent countless number of hours researching AH-60 and now it is un playable. out of the 12 missile in one load out, I be lucky if I get 1 kill.

Had 4 missiles slide through top of Spaa with radiator damage. Same experience with Pars 3 from German UHT.

This game is becoming increasingly trash after every update, no other nation can have good things if it not soviet.


Im gonna say that that thing is really true but gj fixed gohst shell long ago how about gohst missel that is a fing now

Is this guy actually complaining about some of the best vehicles in the gam-

Oh, it’s one of those…


It is not ghost missile it is cotton candy shooting from NATO hellis, meanwhile KA 50 hasn’t seen a single nerf since its introduction. It is spit in the mouth of every player who spent money and time to research these vehicles. Shameless gaming company

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They broken all heat based missiles on aircraft recently. They will be getting a nice buff with the update so they should be better than before they broke them.

Well its just gajin buff the Other helli but not the mosst the ka 50 and so on like why not becous its just gajin

Do you have any of these Hellis? I challenge you to kill a SPAA in less than 4 missiles


I may trie. Too day geting enemy tanks whit the HKP2 and i will give an report if they work or not does this sond good ?