What happened with the forums graphic?

What just happened to the forum?
Or is it only for me it looks all weird now?
all the images and backgrounds changed.

it got reverted back after 5-10 minutes?
What is going on…?


Yea, i think they just updated for a better UI

Yea i hope there is an option to make the background black again, this is just cancer to read like this.


Yeah… having any sort of textured background is fine and all but NOT behind the text…
Ity also looks like they made the text smaller and sharper edges? or is that just me?


No, its the same here

No idea what they’re doing, but this is not an improvement.

It was fine before. Why did they change it? I hate this. Some things are nicer but the overall thing is just worse. I feel like I’m looking at the Django forums now.


there should be an option in settings to change between the older designs and stuff, this is horrendous looking imo

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There really should be. Adding a toggle shouldn’t be that hard. I can do it in 2 seconds when I write code. I know this isn’t hard. Adding classes with JavaScript is one of the easiest things to do.

They keep changing it because the web UI’ist was bored again

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They lost the sidebar for a bit while they did this change too.

This really feels like a UI designer trying to justify their job.


its even worse on mobile too lmao

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Oh god no the likes for me is greyed out like come on gajin

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

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Oh god I just checked it’s so bad on mobile.

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the area to go to the main area of forums is literally invisible, atleast back then it had the logo as an option of going there, now you just have to guess

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Yea it does

But hey I got a job for them, making sure the flags aren’t abuse able

Frfr at least let us see flagged content like they used to.


Holyy, The WT logo just looks so XDD

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