What happened to the BR 2.7 matchmaking

I was grinding out Sweden and China 2.7 ground with friends that have recently started playing the game, and I noticed one thing. Over the 38 battles played, we never managed to be top tier once or even second highest tier. Every match was against 3.3 or 3.7 and that was before the release of the new Hungarian subtree. So whats going on on these BRs, because I see it being that bad around 6 months ago when I started playing France (end of last year) and china (start of this year)
I have linked the excel data below of the matchmaking. I dont even need to be top tier 50% of the battles like I did back at the start of the year, but at least some top tier matches would have been nice to have, not straight up 0 which lead to quite a frustrating experience for my friends who recently started

You are not alone with more than 90% uptier.

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dont forget in tank atm there is a challenge for the battlepass which is to kill 3 enemy tanks 15 times so this will also added to the mm also.