What happened to replays markers?

I’ve seen on youtube that 2 years ago Gaijin added some markers in the replay timeline that you can click and go back to the begining of the video or wherever you want. Now its just a simple timeline without the possibility to go back on the replay to get a better shot of the thing you did. Am i missing something or they removed that feature?

You need to enable saving rewindable replays.

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The goat

I cannot say how happy I am to have learned this.

It doesn’t always work though, and you still need to restart replays to have missiles and everything working, the whole thing just seems to be falling apart.

You just need to be loaded in on the timeline before the missile is launched. Also accounts for aerobatic smoke. You do need to reset when a plane is burning bc when you go back in timeline it’s still has the burning textures/particles