What happened to naval AB now?

I’ve been playing the coastal fleet for a few months now and spent most of that time in the PT810. I’m well aware of how it performs in the game but since the last update it absolutely sucks. I don’t think I’ve recorded a kill in the past 5 or 6 games. The thing gets annihilated by tier I and II boats now. It seems like the low tier boats got upgraded and the higher tier boats got downgraded?? Does anyone have any idea what went on with the last update?

Last game I played I got destroyed by the same PT6 twice in a row. Granted he was spawn camping at the time but when I respawned I knew exactly where he was and his boat was pretty beat up from the previous exchange with the 810. Within seconds of respawning in a 565 my boat went up again in a matter of seconds. The game before that I battled with a z15 which is a tough boat and I lost the initial battle but respawned in the 565 and went back to the area the battle took place because again, his boat was badly damaged from the previous encounter. While I was still a few miles away from his location I saw in the kill list that another player had sunk him. Five or six seconds later my boat went up in flames from one shell from the z15 that wasn’t even in the game anymore.

Is it possible EZ anti cheat doesn’t work with the last game update. I’ve read that aimbots have been an issue in the past. I used to average 3 or 4 kills per game in the 810 with maybe an assist or an aircraft or two thrown in. I’ve played maybe ten games since the update and believe I’ve recorded 1 kill in 10 games. Whatever happened with the last update has removed all the fun again.

I have played like dwo dozen games on coastal BRs and havent felt a change tbh. Maybe it is just a bad luck? Give it a bit of time and see if it changes back to normal

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You need to supply replays or no-one can possibly give any cogent thoughts about what was going on.