What happend with Poland (Winter) map?

Today i faced with the newest version of Poland Winter map variant and i found a really interesting detail(s): the right side teams spawn cover rocks removed. From this, if the opposite team have enought skill spot this big advantege and from the other side of the lake they will spawn camp during the whole battle.
If you not belive me just check this:


Poland map opened with Warthunder CDK:

…and Poland map in winter:

Thats go against the following statement: the map got an update, because wanted to upgrated spawn protection. Similar written/contain in roadmap, right am i? In real an opposite happening… not just here, every single updated/upgraded map… WHY???
Why not check that an experienced team memeber?
what happening?
Or the requironments contains that ???
Or what happening?
There maps updates based on which suggestion?
Because if we summarize the output we realize: that with every update getting much more worst the maps landscape. Thats the raw experience.

What do you think about it?


They also added a slope at B3-4 or whatever to ‘improve’ the map but they could not be bothered to apply those same fixes to the normal Poland map, regardless if they believe this is ‘fixing’ the map or not, the fact they’re too lazy to apply it to both maps is sad and comical.

Gaijin playing Jedi mind tricks again.

I seriously just want all the original designs back. These new changes to every map make them worse each time. They don’t feel improved in any way. They tend to become more flat and boring if anything. Not a fan at all.

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