What happend to "Fair Play"?

Since July this year nothing happend - and all of us knows that the number of cheaters and botters increased a lot. What does gaijin intend to do here?
Isn’t gaijin afraid that players will leave the game because nothing happens?
It may be that the number will decrease for the time being, because hopefully cheaters will be removed, but that is only temporary.
I know there are one or two other threads about this, but why is there no reaction? Unfortunately, there is no reaction from gaijin on this topic at all. Why?

Best greetz to all fair players!


Air, ground or naval? In ground battles I got maybe 1 suspicious behavior in 500 battles. As I heared in naval it gets out of hand.

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Too many cheaters, too many bots.

Too much effort to deal with it, players are going to play anyways and pay, so not worth it and it’s better off pretending the problem doesn’t exist


basically ground rb have a tons of cheaters especially on eu server i see atleast one suspicios (maybe just too good) player who knows where to look and prefire all the time every day so its kinda legit to say anticheat is worth nothing and possibly gaijin dont care about it that much

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I don’t know that, so please don’t make claims for me.

Gaijin do not know the meaning

just in general.

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Is it possible that the enemy team has just one good scout? I love to scout and many teams get wiped and I can sit in one good scoutin spot the whole match without a single shot. This may look like the enemy knows where you coming from.
I just want to point out that there is cheating but sometimes it is a simple answer.

Players are banned constantly.
Making a thread each time players are banned isn’t necessary.

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The original post was regarding the reposting of the ‘Fair Play’ list where every month 200+ cheaters are banned by Gaijin. And you are saying “you don’t believe cheaters exist” because you and the other guy never “saw” one. You also can’t see gravitational forces either, but I guess they aren’t real either since you’re denying the existence of the banned list. 😑

That is not disagreeing that is offending. You should be able to divide this.
You are even not able to read or understand what I or other wrote.

Sry not my main language.

Silencing by flagging is death to any good discussion and gives room to those insulting and offending others.

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@Zielgruppe Thank you for your post. Every time someone posts a similar topic they immediately get bombed by “I never see” Reddit trolls. Your point is appropriate, and we should be given a reason why the banned list is 3 months past due. And ignore the shills, I suspect the ones so adamantly denying the existence of ESP wall hacks, client-side aim overlays, and map/position DDOS exploits are usually the ones using them. 🫤

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I never see anyone deny that cheats exist, bit rather they deny how common they are. I’ve only seen a handful of cases where someone might be cheating in all my time playing.

People both overstate and understate the amount of foul play in War Thunder.

Bots on the other hand, are very very common in naval, and somewhat common in air RB.


There is just not much of a reason to keep publicizing the results

We may publish it every now and then, but for the most part nothing has changed, those that break the rules by cheating in one way or another are dealt with

And… I will remind people to remain civilized as Guest on our Forum… one person has a warning for such behavior…

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