What Gaijin Could Do to Improve Events

Weve all seen it, the new event system. Personally, I say it is somewhat worse than the old events, in terms of how often they are. There use to be only two events per year (Not including crafting events) but now there’s going to be a lot more events. With the Object 292 event coming to an end, Gaijin is already introducing another event. I feel as if Gaijin is doing To Many Events.
In Order to improve these events, you need to make them less often.

I would suggest making the mission score back to 40k, but keep the length how long we get to complete one task the same. Now, how often these new events are, it needs to change. I would suggest having an event after each major update. That way every month, along with the new vehicles, players can also be grinding events.

Lastly, I’m not sure if anyone has thought about this, but with gaijin having as many events with vehicles, you think they would be adding more vehicles in each update.

I like the new system. Score to make the vehicle tradable needs to be equal to the score to grind the vehicle. 45k score should be reduced to 40k.

Events as frequent as these are common practice in many F2P / GaaS titles these days. Players who are invested in the game are less likely to wander off and play something else because they don’t want to miss content that might never come back. Those who cannot keep up are more likely to spend money on the game.

There is a chance that some players will get burned out or stop playing completely. But in a market full of games with FOMO you don’t want to be the publisher whose game can be played “any other time” for “an hour or two”.

However, this is probably just a test run anyways. If things go south and for some reason WT cannot benefit from this method, they will probably tone things down.