What factor deside the amount a SP you get per kill?

i played the match and got 1 cap and 10 kills yet i was still not able to spawn in a nuke
i asked around and people said it’s cause later game kills give more sp than early game kill
so I’m wondering why i could not spawn in a nuke with the amount i had done

I’ve seen people with 8 kills and 2-3 assist 1 cap and 1 death spawn in nuke


It also depends on the BR and Class of killed

if you killed a vehicle of lower Br than you (E.G the Panthers and Tiger Es you killed) you generally get less rewards for your kill and vice versa

alternatively if you kill something like an SPAA due to the being easier kills you can often get less rewards from them (e.g the ostwind)

and to double it up if you kill an SPAA that’s a full BR lower than you, you will get a lot less than had you killed a medium tank of equal BR

so in conclusion you may be able to get a nuke with less kills assuming you were in an uptier and faced higher enemies than when you are in a downtier

conclusion, down tier, does not mean less suffering

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Yeah basically, ive seen the R3 with the recoiless rifles in a full uptier get 6 kills, an assist and a base capture before and get the nuke, scouting can also help as it gives you slight amounts of SP per scout and you get an assist if they are killed

Another stupid thing they do, things that are perfectly capable of killing you, but because they’re a lower BR you get a penalty to your rewards for killing them, entirely nonsensical.

Just learn to play against uptier and nothing will surprise you ;)

Does it seem unfair to be punished for killing the enemies in front of you? Absolutely. It’s Gaijin’s matchmaker putting you up against vehicles of a lower BR.

It also makes sense that a higher performing vehicle doesn’t reap as much rewards by killing vehicles that are technically lesser in performance.

I don’t make that decision, Gaijin puts me up against lower BR vehicles by design, why does I need to be penalized for something out of my control?

They make the rules and then pretend it’s my fault for playing by those rules, it’s absurd.

If they don’t think it’s fair for a higher BR vehicle to be playing against a lower BR vehicle, they need to change the rules so it doesn’t happen, not blame the playerbase for all their mistakes like they always do.

These reward systems make sense when looked at in a vacuum but when combined they don’t mesh well. Kinda ruins the dopamine hit when you do rack up these 5+ kill games.

What makes sense is giving players in an uptier an increase in rewards, not punish players for being top tier every once in a blue moon, but Gaijin only knows how to punish and not how to reward.