What era of vehichles are you personally interseted with the most?

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  • WW1 ground
  • WW1 air
  • WW1naval
  • Interwar ground
  • Interwar air
  • Interwar naval
  • WW2 ground
  • WW2 air
  • WW2 naval
  • Cold war ground
  • Cold war air
  • Cold war naval
  • Modern ground
  • Modern air
  • Modern naval

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I am just curious, thanks for participating!

Ya know… I’ve been fairly resistant to get too much into top tier. Mainly because I haven’t granted myself a full understanding of the weapon and defense systems. But the more I get into top tier, the funner it’s becoming.

I’m very excited about the new aircraft coming this patch and beyond.

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Yeah originally I wasn’t interested in the modern stuff either, but I have the Leopard 2 PL cooking (it’s around 20% by now) So that might will change that. But currently I still prefer the WW1-WW2 period.

Give me WW1 French Taxi personnel carrier.

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I want the Batmobil: The Romfell panzerwagen :D