What does "shoot down" mean on air to air missiles?

I see that now when you go to select an air to air missile there is a “shoot down” stat which is either all aspect or Front only. What does this mean exactly? How capable it is at shooting at targets below you? I dont remember this being there before

where? can you provide a screenshot?

Don’t you mean “Aspect”?

I think it only shows it on radar guided missiles. I am not at my PC at the moment so i cannot take a screenshot

Try looking at the Pheonix, it should have that notation. I’m guessing due to the test with ARH that this line was present.

The SARH homing missiles do have it. It says front aspect. Probably referring to the fact it is most useful in front aspect, since radar guided missiles seem to struggle a bit from rear aspect. Could be wrong thoug.

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This is my best guess, but you are likely correct. It can shoot targets illuminated against the ground if they are heading towards you, but struggle or fail if they are heading away. Missiles perform much better rear aspect if you shoot a target higher than you.