What do you think about strike drones?

So i would really like to know how everyone feels about the strike drones. I have asked a few people in game about it and gotten mostly “annoying” as an answer. Fair enough i guess.

  • What do they add to the game? Or negatives /positives

  • Do you think they fit in the game?

Please keep it to the topic.

My thoughts. When i reached a high enough tier and saw them in game i was very surprised with CAS already being such a nuisance. Ofcourse i wanted to try it out and so i did! First time i crashed because my control werent set up and i didnt know what i was doing. Next round i try it again and land both my rockets on target. Well that was easy i thought to myself, too easy, just another thing to add to the list of what makes high tier so lame.

What they do add though is a equalizer of sort to those who doesnt have high tier air. And that kinda makes sense in way. Also i have found them somewhat effective at the end of a round when your team is getting pooped on. On those occasions i dont feel to bad deleting a few spawncampers.

But other than that i dont really think they fit in the game, its basically just two free kills. Kinda like COD.

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Pretty much sums it up (not just the drones):


summed it up pretty good

Can’t see anything good regarding strike drones, especially at those BR’s where AA can’t do sh…something against drones.


Strike drones are basically cheap revenge tools, especially on BRs there is no AA counter to tehm. Strike drones should not apear bellow BR 10.3.


Or, we could just have a skycancer-free ground AB/RB mode too. You know, when it is called GROUND, yet dominated by flying things…


Strike drones are inferior to having a jet, but they’re nice for people that don’t have a jet.

i hate drones and i hate cas planes but i reather get killed by someone that grinded for there plane or heli.

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Like Hellfire armed Helicopters: I can’t really remember the last time I was killed by one.