What do you think about adding player-made maps to the game?

What do you think gaijn would give tools for the community to make maps and the best ones selected during the vote would go to the game, everyone knows what the state of maps is in war thunder and that gaijn has not been able to make a good map for several years, I also think that gaijn could go a step further and players could create cockpits for bombers, And Gaijn would only be responsible for animations and bug checking, of course such players would be rewarded in different ways.


I’m sure the tools are almost already there… Have you even looked at the CDK?


I didn’t agree, and the question is whether there is such a thing as what I wrote above, competitions and voting for maps?, if there are already tools, it’s great now to take advantage of it


Have you even tried the CDK?

It was a straight forward question because if you’re calling for tools to make maps and there is possibly any there, wouldn’t you think that’s the basis of your trouble?

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^ This, players already have had access to make content creation for like 6+ years or so

You can upload such content to WT.Live for other players to play with

I do not think such maps are supported by the RSP tho, I dont think it is something Gaijin are rally interested in

But, you are always welcome to make detailed suggestions


I’m just trying to make a community program that would select the best maps made by players from the community and then they would go into the game, if there are already tools provided by gaijn that’s great, now just do what I wrote above.

I will try to write this in more detail in another post.

ive suggested this long time ago.

A tool that players easily could use to make maps eiher complete or rough sketches they could send to Gaijin.

Those who got picked would get some sort of reward.

This way we could get more maps and since im NOT in any way shape or form impressed by Gaijins maps or their new “improved” versions it might even make the game a bit more fun and varied again (instead of the boring trend of trying to turn the game into a CS-GO clone)

And since they are in a most heavehanded way altering maps that should be fairly accurate it shouldn’t matter that people took some liberties in creating FUN maps.

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