What do you guys bet will come in the next update and why? (7.0 down)

So many are talking and arguing about the next greatest jet fighters or Mbt´s, ive had enough! i want to hear what lower rank(7.0 down) vehicles you believe will come to WTs next update and Why you believe that vehicle will be picked? So Tell me and everybody else here! Gentlemen, Start, Your, ENGINEES!!

And dont start to argue about any semi-modern/modern vehicles i will personally report it to a mod! So nothing about the F-15s, F-16s, Gripens, Su-37s, Leopards etc.

Flagged as off topic for mentioning top tier jets in the original post :p


nice or not ig? Do you have a vehicle that you think will be added?

Honestly, its extremely hard to guess what will be added for lower ranks/BRs as they are not focused on anymore.

What I wish to be added for lower BRs is more SPAAs to all nations.

Apparently theres upgunned whirbelwind with 4x long 30mm guns (same as kugel), so i can believe that would be funni.


Last year, the update after APEX PREDATORS was basically a continuation of it, with more rank 8 air.

I think we will see the same pattern maintained this year: more rank 8 ground.

As a fan of the WW2 BRs, I also wish for so many more missing vehicles from that time period, and for sure they will be cycled back in eventually, but I think for this update and maybe this year, not really realistic to anticipate anything but modernity. Manage your expectations.


Look i get that but the meaning of this post is again to just say

“What mid to low br vehicle you like or think should be added and why it should be added?”

I like to see the 105mm Type 59 at some point would be very interesting even if it didn’t come with its ERA add one

umm thats a 7.7-8.0 vehicle?.. But okay, Sure i dont have anything against it.

Nothing is my guess since Gaijin is developping game through new stuff mostly.

This vehicle or the other i believe will be added becuase of the 4.0 to 8.7 absense. (The ZSU-57-2 Is not an SPAA its a Ducking SPG)

Luftvärnskanonvagn m/43 (1948 or 1957 version.)


Our very own Dusters that would and will be way more effective than the Lvkv 42 due to one thing. This thing will either be 4.7 or 5.0

It has more than enough ammunition to deal with more than four Aircraft. 326 rounds of 40mm

With two 40mm Lvakan m/36 in a dual mount also it can dice out twice the damage. Mounted on a L/60 base. With a top speed ranging from 36 km/h (1943) to 55 km/h (1957)


The other alternative is the Tridon and this thing is much better due to three things.

Mobility, survivability, Firepower.

Built on the same chassi as the Archer Self-propelled Artillery system. An Volvo high mobility chassi with an L/70 AA Turret that CAN be equipped with HE-VT, but id rather have it without it so it we can have our own 5.7 - 6.0 SPAA this thing will be a Very valid option.

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i know on the edge of what you said but its not top tier

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thats why i said what i said.

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Gimme the mixed propulsion Ryan FR Fireball with that beautiful early jet engine in the back! (Don’t see why this hasn’t been added yet given it was in service, besides the technical problem of having mixed propulsion in the first place.)

I have been waiting for the addition of the MB-326/339 for Italy for seven years, as I would like the addition of the trainer jets also to other nations like the Alpha Jets, I hope that for the next update it will be the right time.

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low tier additions i’d always love to see

  • Actual bomber variant of the Mosquitto (might be possible to add with the seperated BRs)
  • fairey barracuda (Would fill the hole for a proper low tier TT dive bomber)
  • An SPAA for Britian for about BR6/7 (though im not sure what)
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Some Loire-Nieuport 410/411?

Saladin 76mm as a replacement for the Concept

They’re fully focused on modern stuff. If there’ll be any WWII vehicle, it will be locked in an event…

Naval gap fillers.

For example it’s laughable how empty US bluewater 3 3 - 4.3 is whilst you can make multiple lineups for 4.7/5.0 without breaking a sweat. Minimum of 4 classes/refits/mod states that could be added.

What I expect will actually arrive - Battleships.