What do these different RWR indicators mean? JA37C - MPRF, HPRF

So in this RWR update there’s a good amount of new RWR indicators, some examples:

  • AI (Air-to-Air) - Fighter
  • PD (Pulse Doppler) - Pulse Doppler Radars
  • A/D (Air Defense) - Air Defense System
  • SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile) - SAM System
  • AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) - Anti-Aircraft Artillery

However when I flew out in my JA37C today I saw some new ones, mainly MPRF and HPRF. Is there a guide somewhere that explains what these mean?

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 15.26.55


HPRF is High Pulse Repetition Frequency.
MPRF is Medium Pulse Repetition Frequency.

These are pulse doppler modes which when used correctly will help you track a target that is notching or flying away.

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Thank you! I’ve never seen a plane with those modes in the game… Or are they just called PD on the tracking aircraft like any other?

That entirely depends on the aircrafts systems. Some of them cannot determine the difference between CW and PD, some of them cannot even see PD if its not in the right band etc.

MPRF is all aspect PD (just PD in game) while HPRF is front aspect PD (PD HDN in game)