What different type's of weapons for ground vehicles would you like to see in WT?

Basically what different weapons could be cool to add. Doesn’t matter if its good or bad or plain wacky. Anything goes.

Examples could be cluster munitions to canister rounds to mine launchers on tanks or those launchable mine sweepers.

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Cannister rounds and beehive rounds would be cool to have, but they would be extremely limited in the types of targets they could be used against. If gaijin added infantry to the game, then those rounds would really come in handy. They could also be used for clearing wire obstacles. As of right now, running over wire obstacles does nothing to the player vehicle, but in real life, getting that wire caught up in your track can cause a lot of damage to vehicle suspension components. If Gaijin were to make wire obstacles cause damage to vehicles, there withe be another use for canister or flechette rounds. FASCAMs can be delivered through artillery systems, but clearing charges like MICLIC requires specialized launching systems on platforms that have no offensive capabilities. I like the idea, but I just don’t see a real way to implement it at this point in the game’s life.

Make all machine guns functional, notably the hull ones.



The Lago 1 for the swedish has a 13.2mm MG in the hull but its not used. Same with any Sherman, T-34. Etc etc.


I would like illumination flares mounted on tanks to be funktional


One funny thing to be modeled is backblast of recoiless rifles and cannons. Would be the funniest way to send somebody to the hangar

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CM’s, Bunker busters, and the TGPB 1111 for Sweden.

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The Strv 103 quad flare launchers 👀

Would love being able to flashbang tanks with NVD on, or even thermals.

The french EBG features some funny weapons. It features a 142mm HESH firing demolition gun with short range and low ammo, A bunch of anti-tank mine launchers (my main draw to this vehicle), and 20x SPDMAC mine clearing charges in the back. (would function like the matilda hedgehogs)



I would like to see more options for artillery strikes. Right now, all we have is HE, but having other options available like smoke or white phosphorous would add a new dynamic to battles. Precision guided artillery at top tier for recon vehicles could also be an option for this and might make gameplay more interesting as well.

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Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

The ability to turn on the head lights, blind players who have lens flare on.

  • More FnF ATGMs. Germany and Israel in particular need their tech tree SPIKE IFVs
  • AHEAD munitions
  • IIR SAMs for top tier
  • WW2 SPGs. Most were designed for direct fire and had AP ammunition, or else were low-velocity SiG-like vehicles
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Night battles at all BR’s, and give them reg lights, and the “BEL” lights.

Damn, I want this.

The ability to add optional time period appropriate or earlier weapons to firing ports.

It would be great to be able to fire a PPSh from a T-34 port, AK-47s and AK-74s from BMP ports.

Shoulder fire AA missiles out of BMP and BTR roof hatches.

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I think a lot of that could be really useful if Gaijin put some effort into PvE content. Armored Warfare, before it died out, had PvE only vehicles. I think this would be a great way to bring in vehicles that would not make sense in PvP modes like AVLB, combat engineer vehicles like the Abrams variant, armored recovery vehicles like the M88, and even ships and aircraft that wouldn’t work in PvP matches.