What did they do to missiles?

So - lately I’ve been playing and the whole situation with missiles has been really bad.
With 9M’s being added and now the best missile in the game, they seem to be beyond cracked on the F16.
For instance - I take out my GR.7 harrier - a non afterburning jet, I pre flare maneuver etc and no matter what angle the 9M from an F16 will always kill me. Meanwhile I shoot any jet - especially ones afterburning from the rear and the 9Ms on my harrier will go for a single flare. It literally feels like they gave their GR.7 the bargain basement 9Ms.

On top of this - for some reason 9P’s and 9Hs have become cracked. Same thing - pre flaring and afterburner off as well as still flaring a 9P or 9H will straight up ignore flares now.

Now for french aircraft I don’t know what they did but its very sad in missile town. I played a game where I shot at two F16s with my Magic 2’s headon. Neither of them moved or flared and the missile went straight through them and didn’t detonate. On top of this the Magic 2 is now godly flare hungry.
The 530D suffers from the same issue of where it will fly straight through an enemy and wont detonate.

I hope this next update whatever they messed up they fix.

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From my understanding, the game uses the engine heat rather than the exhaust heat. Harrier has a hotter engine so it is harder to flare even though it doesnt have after burner.
They need to rework how IR works in general.


they didn’t mess up thats how they are suppose to be

As far as I know this is pretty much it. The game doesn’t account for stuff like skin temperature at all for example

Yep, this is the main reason the F-5C is such a pain in the ass too. It’s one of the coldest aircraft at that BR

My mirage 2000 at idle will still can’t flare off missiles.

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Yeah magics are messed up even after the update - the lose track they go for 1 single flare.

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