What bespoke mental handicap is responsible for the Zyrini

There needs to be an investigation done in to how a tank is modeled so poorly

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What do you mean?

The one I know most about is related to the armor, specifically around the mantlet armor.

The way it is currently modeled means that a non-penetrating hit on the armor that surrounds the mantlet can still hurt your crew because there are missing armor plates.


This plate of armor only has the frontal face modeled as armor. As you can see, the sides which touch the armor around the mantlet are not modeled.

This image I’ve quickly made in Paint 3D shows the interaction I am talking about. green shows the aforementioned plate of armor, with a dotted green line to represent the missing face of armor. Blue and red show the plates that go around the mantlet. Black is a projectile that manages to go through the initial 75 mm plate but not the additional 50 mm plate, and potentially explodes on the orange dot, with the purple lines showing where fragmentation and spalling can sneak into the crew compartment.

Here you can see that in effect, using the M4A4’s 75 mm cannon firing M61 APCBC-HE, with only 90 mm of penetration.

Happens in more tanks, i reported the issue in 2018 with the Conqueror but its not fixed yet so don’t hold your breath.

Internal armour of mpst tanks, and almost all WWII tanks, is bad. Many times on purpose.

Almost no WWII tank has its engine to crew compartmnt armour modeled. Most are missing the seperation plates entirely making engine and cre compartment a singular room.

Probably most affected by this are tanks like the sherman which had proper armour plate between the engine and crew but ingame even the outer most shrapnel of an APHE shell to the engine can not only leave the entire engine but also the engine compartment and go on to kill the driver… a distance of 4+ meters, multiple layers of engine steel and, as mentioned, the missing armour plate.

The more modern tanks have these plates modeled, armoured and non armoured.

The protection issue that was written down here.
Same thing, but shrapnel goes downward towards the legs of the crew.
Gun mantlet is not modeled correctly, shows big weakspot (50 mm gun shield)
Gun shield should actually be 75 mm thick
Gun elevation should be also decreased - meaning even smaller weakspot…
Rocket placement is also wrong, just as its elevation values and the model of the pod’s “leg”
Lower front plate should be 75 mm thick, not 50
Missing APCR


Are there any bug reports?
Edit: I found one, though it hasn’t been answered yet.
1 year ago…

I wrote several on the old forum, yes. The main problem is they dont handle pictures as sources, unless there is a scale on it, which makes it hard to report something of which the sole example is in Russia, and I am not.
For example: If I put a Turán (50 mm) and a Zrínyi (75 mm) lower front plate next to each other the difference can be clearly seen, but here “it can just be a different perspective”.

Zrínyi should be reworked all around.