..what are these naval bot players even trying to do? Look at this player:

I don’t understand it.

He has 3700 battles in Prinz Eugen. That’s it, that’s all the account does.
If ratio of RP to SL is same as in e.g. Moffet, the guy has 300 million SL. He hasn’t played in any other vehicle.

With some other bot accounts, one can understand them trying to get SL, however this makes no sense at all.


What part of “grinding out the German naval tree to make the account suitable for resale” don’t you understand exactly?


It doesn’t make sense. Few people play naval, so what’s the point of selling accounts with battleships ?

I can imagine selling accounts with e.g. 100 million SL on them, although given that with premium vehicles SL are not a worry, I don’t get the logic.

It’s kinda weird tbh.

One of these SHOTI players seemed to have been using a bot in tanks - he had like 2k battles in a Chinese lvl 5 premium tank, with very bad stats too (.3 k/d).

The leader got kicked from game because he was also ground AA botting. Not because he ran a squadron of naval bots. Maybe that’s his new account, he has over 100 to pick from, who knows?

A squadron with all that free SL would be worth someone to something. Certainly more than the price of the Eugen (which would also come with that account).

Who got kicked, you mean foolhunter ? He still seems to be playing tbh. And I can’t find replays of him playing the premium tank which seems to have very bad stats, like you’d think after 1500 battles he’d start getting a bit better.

Also, the entire 110 bots in SHOTI squadron all have Frank Knox destroyers, which cost 800 eagles on sale.

He was kicked July 31 as part of the July monthly ban list. https://warthunder.com/en/community/userinfo/?nick=foolhunter. He had very bad stats with the Swedish premium because he was using it for ground AA botting.

Three months (still going) of running a full squadron of bot Knoxes, no problem. One game where your IFV sits in spawn and herky-jerks around in an obvious inhuman way and someone reports you, banned. Says it all, really.

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It shows 380 battles for him in arcade with the CV… who knows.

Heh, this is kind of cool, I’ve now discovered the alternate universe opposite version of me.

I play everything, and spade everything, the opposite of these bots.

BTW I like PE, but I like the Graf Spee better!