What are the Shermans with red, black and white camos

I just came out of a 4.0 realistic and during the match. I noticed a Sherman in the kill feed with a diamond next to the name and when I seen it, it had a black, white and red camo.

Anyone know what this sherman is?

The only thing I can think of is Herman the German Sherman, but I’d need to see a ss of the killfeed/tank

May be this


It’s the new War Thunder Mobile beta event…

Get #1 on your team three times and you get it. There is also an Akatsuki-class destroyer that you can unlock. You just have to make sure your mobile account is linked to your regular account.

Sorry to be that guy, but its an Akizuki class, not an Akatsuki, i dont believe there are any Akatsuki class vessels in game, certainly not any that are not hidden, but the Vehicle you get is the Hatsuzuki, which is actually unique, unlike the sherman which is a copy paste M4 with a different camo. The Hatsuzuki gets 23 less 25mm aa barrels and has a secondary fire director tower in place of the AA platform that is just abaft of the rearmast, that provides no benefits in terms of rangefinding update speed or anything as far as i can see, though it does add a bit more redundancy to the overall fire control setup.

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Thank you

My bad. It’s all Japanese to me.

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