What are the priced Licensing for vehicles in WT?

Not really sure where to put this but basically,

How much does the snail pay for licensing all of it’s vehicles, and do the licenses need to be renewed every year?

Curious into how much the snail payed/pays each year just for the thousands of vehicles we have.

I am pretty sure they commission third party modellers to create them and they become the property of Gaijin Inc.
If you want to see who Gaijin licenses for the likenesses and such, watch the credits in game (and you’ll get some SL too) towards the end will be a long list of defense companies etc.
I doubt Da Snail is going to tell you how much and they aren’t a public company.


I’ve had the same thoughts tbh.

Where can I find the credits @Exocetta

Maybe the community fan section?? I wouldn’t really know either

The “?” in the upper left of the screen > “credits”.

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No one on this forum is going to be able to so much as guess at the answer.

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Ty :)

Hey, imma guess a solid $1 at least

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Alright, time to guesstimate I guess!


so we’ll use a total annual income from gaijin which I’ll assume is around 20 million.
And using 1 vehicle to start off, let’s say the m1 Abram’s. Lets assume that General Dynamics Initial Licensing Fee for the Abram’s could range from $100,000 to $500,000.

Royalties: In addition to the initial fee, a royalty agreement might be included. This could be around 1-5% of the game’s revenue, depending on the terms negotiated. For a game generating $20 million annually, this could translate to $200,000 to $1 million per year in royalties

Consultation Fees: If the agreement includes consulting services to ensure accurate depiction and use of the M1 Abrams, additional fees could be incurred. These might range from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the level of detail and involvement required.

Estimated Total Annual Cost

  • Initial Licensing Fee: $100,000 to $500,000 (one-time or periodically renewed)
  • Royalties: $200,000 to $1 million per year
  • Consultation Fees: $10,000 to $50,000 (if applicable)

Total Annual Cost Estimate: Approximately $300,000 to $1.55 million in the first year, with subsequent years primarily involving royalty payments and potentially lower recurring fees.

So we’ll say the initial licensing fee originally is 200k with consultation fee’s being another 50k
Royalties for now could be around 80k-100k sense the Abram’s been in the game for awhile. This is just for 1 vehicle.

So the initial cost could be 250k, and royalties being 80k for now.

We’ll be looking at the royalties mainly now. So if we add all of the rank 7 vehicles and assume they cost around the same. The annual royalties could be 800k for just one rank in one tree.

For older vehicles, Let’s assume the cost of royalties for the vehicle’s decreases about 5k per rank. So for the entire usa ground tree the average cost per year could be something like this.

Rank 1 at $50k royalties per tank = 550k
Rank 2 at 55k = 440k
Rank 3 at 60k = 600k
Rank 4 at 65k = 845k
Rank 5 at 70k = 630k
Rank 6 at 75k = 825k
Rank 7 at 80k = 800k
Rank 8 at 80k = 320k

So in total a full $ 5,010,000 for USA ground alone. Very expensive so it’s most likely 2-3 million cheaper then this if I had to guess.

(Welp, this wasted a solid hour lol)

They pay nothing for vehicles under BR 8.0 since any patents that anybody had over them have expired ,lots of new stuff they probably get for free as well since it is of mutual benefit .

Manufacturer gets free advertising/propaganda ,Gaijin gets to use their stuff for free …in same way that Hollywood gets entire units of US Army for free for their movies .

Learn something new everyday 😂


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Likenesses and names are not patented - they are copyrighted or trademarked - eg F4F Wildcat is a registered trademark of the Northrop Grumman Corporation - NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION Trademarks Page 1 :: Justia Trademarks

Learn what

That every US war movie in 50’/60/70/80/90’s used US Army assets

Since then they largely moved to CGI but some still use real thing ,like Transformers and M1 Abrams and its crews or Battle Los Angeles and many others

Patent/Likenes/Copyright and so on ,most Car Companies and weapon producers give licences to use them for free for free exposure/marketing/propaganda.

That is because some Movies had to re-shoot entire scenes after objections by Pentagon (secrets and all that) … that is why Pentagon started its Entertainment industry

Legal / Licensing matters is not up for discussion im afraid

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