What are the most useless modifications on some vehicles?

Basically what the title says,
I’ll start off with the G-suit for the vautour late.

I think the Boosters on the Phantom FGR2/FG1. Been a while, but if I recall, the standard practice is to not install them because they increase your roll rate to such a degree that you sheer your wing. I dont know if that is still the case though.

Umm I’d have to say NVD for lower BR tanks, but they’re taking those away I believe. APCR is also pretty stupid 😂


low calibre hesh.
Maybe incendiary bombs.

Nah, those are good for bombing bases

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Crew replenishment on ELC Bis.

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Doesn’t it only have 2 crew members?

If not then I’d agree with @AlvisWisla with crew replenishment on certain vehicles, like the wiesel

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Smoke and armor-piercing shells.

Smoke shells can be game winners


i never played it, dont really play france.
But yea, that is hilarious.

I’m gonna focus ships mostly here.

Improved rangefinders on warships that don’t have
usable GFCS.

HE-DF shells nowadays as manually aiming them you can’t really arm the shells to explode at the correct distance resulting in the need for AI to use them (I miss the old UI which you could set the range to explode).

Speed mods that give not even half a knot of speed to a ship.

Improved torpedoes which sure you increase the range but at the cost of speed which more important usually since most battle at certain BR’s happens sub 6km (if only we could set distance/speed in matches which would make this mod more useful).

Seamines on cruiser/destroyer decks, Why unlock something like this if you don’t have a chance to lay them all ntm you become essentially an ammunition ship as they lay on the mine rails (Only worth if the ship has internal rails like Abdiel class Minelayer).

Depth charges on anything over the size of a corvette are rarely useful ntm they might as well be Rank I mods not Rank V things.

Now slightly to aircraft the FAB-1500 & FAB-3000 bomb on the Yakovlev Yak-28B which cannot destroy a base.

Bomb rack droptanks since to unlock them you need the bombs unlocked yet even then they cannot be used as drop tanks (as Seen on all derivatives of the Mirage III/2000).

Flak jackets on bomber gunners who’s crew have only light MG’s as defence.

ASW rockets on British aircraft designs.

Yep those are my thoughts an there’s likely more.

Lol. I tried finding it in the war thunder Assistant app and I couldn’t find it, so I might be wrong, but I know for sure about the wieael

mine protection: leopard 2a7v

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Crew replenishment on any 2 crew tank.

Also NVD on the ASU-57.

Mine protections on all vehicles.

Or the T-70 and whatever that has 2 crewmembers.

Brakes are mostly also quite useless.

Bulldozer blades on some tanks. Was a interesting gimmick when if first rolled out, now I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use it to dig shell scrapes.

I will say the last time that I used it, was to draw a penis in the sand though…


The crew replenishment on Object 775 if you play grb only.

Rangefinder for flakrak and co