What are the long-term plans for naval battles?

Introducing more gamemode?(like pursuit&block or AA mission)
Introducing more gameplay?(like AI copilot or more realistic firecontrol system)
Improving graphics?(The splash from shells, bombs and torpedoes)
Or introducing more ships.

naval players need a Q&A.

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I don’t think they have any of those.

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New ships 100%.
Maybe subs (probably not until end of the year).
Effect tweaks are most likely being done.

Aiming system was reworked somewhst recently so dont expect another one soon.
Dont hold your breath for new game modes.

What are the long-term plans for naval battles?

Add French coastal after a year thats for sure xD

This is probably going to be the most significant change in the near future.

Another posibility, I see, is translation of missile tech from Air to Naval, since it is much of the work is already finished there, it is likely they will want to utilize it for Naval as well.

Personally, I would also like to see more work done on gamemodes. Current battles are way too short, because of fast ticket bleed.

The issue i see with missiles is that they will need to rework their targeting. Manually aimed missiles work fine. For the others, the auto pilot will try to lock center mass but it sees the super structure as part of the ships and aims too high.

Of course the super structure is part of the ship but it throws off the auto pilot.

Somehow only having the hull be used by the auto pilot to find center mass would solve it and help pave the way for missile tech in naval.

Well, optimizing aiming system wouldn’t be hard, it just depends how many work hours they are willing to put in Naval.

I am not sure if Gaijin is getting bigger, bit if the size of them teams stays the same then, even if they work like slaves the work is spread across all three air/ground/naval and the total amount of work is thus lower for each one.

If you look at how Gaijin has been operating, it’s clear that they wanted game modes to be the first elements nailed down. Their creative director mentioned this years ago - first game modes, then expansion. As such, more naval game modes feel unlikely.

If La Royale is any indication, I think their first priority at the moment is to produce enough content to make all or at least most nations viable in naval. Full lineups make research less frustrating and they attract more players, and since naval is behind air and ground in terms of vehicle populations, big injections of content are exactly what’s needed.

Which phase comes after that, I don’t really know. But for now I would expect French coastal and perhaps Swedish bluewater for the coming future.


ARH Anti ship missiles in War Thunder Mobile can be guided properly so I don’t think that’s a major problem. The major problem is whether Gaijin want to put more efforts in navy.

I doubt gamemodes will get much change, after all Ground Players have been asking for more variety for the last eternity and nothing really changed there except even more restricted movements.
In terms of gameplay, maybe. We know they want to add subs, but that will need heavy balancing (shameless self promo on my idea to make it a match exclusive vehicle for lower BRs)
Graphical improvements will happen over time soon enough
And yes, more ships will be added for sure…and maybe decompress as well to give us some breathing room since Gamemode-dependent BR is now a thing, they just need to get back to props (and think about us Naval bois)

Introducing anti-ship missiles would definetly change the gameplay. After all, the range of missiles are longer. It could leads to a top-BR-Jet-like battles, which require long range situation awareness.

Yep, definitely, it would probably lead to even more niche type of gameplay though and I am not sure, if the engine is scalable enough for that, even though Air already have quite big maps.

Imo, they should double down on Coastal, it is faster and more eventful type of gameplay, but I don’t think that happens, as people want big battleships the most. So regarding content, Bismarck, Yamato and other big stuff is most likely as next content in the near future.

that would be quite weird , since if they bring the modern ships with modern missiles , then it would just be a waiting game , since modern anti ship missiles have almost 800km range which is pretty insane , and will take alot of time to reach , even at 100km it would be quite tds , and the time of battles would be also quite long , they could add new gamemodes for modern ships but i highly doubt it

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No one who knows is going to answer here.

You’d think that subs would be next. But who knows with Gaijin. It might as well be carriers.

You think Gaijin has any long-term plans for Naval?

Lol. Lmfao.

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More trees, subs, carriers, missile ships, more ships in general, more maps, additional systems and abilities, refinements of damage models, improved visual effects, assorted bug fixes, etc. The usual expected WT stuff, really.

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Gaijin puts more effort into Naval than player engagement warrants.
Its probably “metooing” WoWS, but still.

The majority of their efforts for Naval has been trying to make it not play like a jank scrap show.

Which, credit where it’s due, is a good thing.

However, the maps are still hot garbage along with obj placement - 2 things that are key to the gameplay experience. The controls can be great and even the ships with their DMs, BUT if the maps/modes are dogwater it simply won’t hold up. Especially not when there’s other options to play sans tanks and/or aircraft.

Naval isn’t ignored by the playerbase due to lack of interest - It’s ignored because it’s even worse off gameplay-wise than the rest of the game.

Well, its WT after all…
The maps are the way they are because most player (who came to WT for the zoom zoom boom boom window licking) complaints are that naval is bad because its so boring. So if you had realistic maps it would attract even fewer user engagements.

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