What are the best top tier premium ground vehicles for each nation? (To grind a tech tree)

It’s pain grinding the whole ground vehicles tech tree of a nation. I’m basically a Soviet main but I’m asking what are the best top tier premium ground vehicles you can find for each nation to grind easier and faster.

You need the Mig-23ML for air, Ka-50 for helicopters, and the Golden 10.0 lineup (T-80UD, T-72 Turms, 2s38, and BMP-2M (squadron vehicle)). That should be all you need for Russia. I have them all and they are pretty great.

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For Britain, dont bother with the Challenger 2 OES. Its not worth it. But the Challenger DS is pretty good.

Alright, I’ll think about it, thank you for your answer!

Seems like a great tank, thank you for telling me!

Just got its missing L26 shell as well, so even better than before

Just buy anything Russian premium vehicles to be honest . You won’t regret it xD