What are some issues / bugs that make you want to rage quit?

For me:

  • On certain maps there are random bushes and trees, often in places where you may want to see cover or fire from, that you cannot shoot down (they fall and prop back up) and they jiggle your tank making aiming all but impossible.

  • After playing well for a few games, I find that my RNG luck plummets. For example: Fighters spawn extremely close (0.45km) to my bomber and a single hit makes my plane explode or spiral out of the sky. But, I get spawned 1.5-2.0 km away from bombers in a fighter making it impossible to hit them before they’re able to drop their load.

  • As an arcade player, leaving a game early (whether naturally or artificially), or having a game that ends quickly will nearly guarantee that you’ll be playing the same map again next round. I’ve been in situations where I play a map 6 times in a row before getting something different.

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Make sure to report Bugs in the proper area

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