What are some future plans for the French air tree? Any new planes to be added in a future update?

Will any new planes like the Dassault Rafale or Mirage 3000 be added to the French air tree anytime soon? Or will we have to wait another year for such things?

Mirage 3000? this does not exist,…

Possibilities are:
Mirage 4000 → possible right now as we can have it with only Magic-2’s and S.530D
Super Etendard Modernised variant (with Magic-2’s) → possible in 6 months let’s say when Gaijin will finally implement Rafale M F.1 in order to add some grind (or as a premium)
Rafale M F.1 standard (only MICA-EM and Magic-2’s) → maybe in a year guess

Rafale A could be a thing given the Yak141 situation. It’s just a bigger M2k5. The RACAAS radar just ended being put into the M2k as RDY but is otherwise the same. You get more missiles and more engines (will Gaijin pick double F404 or double basic M88 ?). And Magic II if they want to not have a MICA IR for balance. The cockpit would be different from a normal Rafale and closer to a -5 (see Novi Avion Cockpit if you want an idea of how a full Rafale A cockpit would have looked like).
Would be less powerful than Rafale M F.1 but more balanced.