What about spain?

Integrating the Spanish nation into War Thunder would undoubtedly enrich the gaming experience by introducing a distinctive blend of historical significance and technological diversity. Spain boasts a rich military history, from its involvement in the Spanish Civil War to its contributions during World War II. Including Spanish vehicles, aircraft, and naval units in War Thunder would allow players to explore lesser-known aspects of military history, offering a unique perspective on the global conflict.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the Spanish nation would open up a new dimension of strategic gameplay. Spanish tanks, aircraft, and naval vessels showcase a range of designs and technologies that have evolved over the years, presenting players with an exciting array of options. This expansion would not only cater to the Spanish gaming community but also appeal to War Thunder enthusiasts worldwide who seek a more comprehensive and diverse gaming environment. In summary, integrating the Spanish nation into War Thunder would not only pay homage to the country’s military legacy but also enhance the overall gaming experience by introducing fresh challenges and opportunities for players.


after brazilian one!

No,Spain has unique IFVs,tanks and ships.

No it wouldn’t. It would just make some Spanish people happy like putting Sweden in delighted a few Swedes. Flooding the game with more unwanted diversity and making the whole game play out like a trip to the tank museum.


Why you hate spain?
Or you only hate the adition of new vehicles?
The adition of Sweden was fine.

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I made no statement about hating Spain.

Apart from the big 3 Gaijin have struggled to make line ups work across the board. They all have spaces.

Like Sweden, Spain have never even been to war, the game isn’t called Peace Thunder, is it? What will you do ? Gain points by implementing neutrality? :)

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many emojis of laughing


Wow , this seems quite Racist in my opinion . Ts ts ts

Okay,you do not hate Spain

That is why the adition of Spain whould be a good new;having Spain as independent nation will have lots of gaps but that is why a sub-tech-tree will be fine.

UFFFF.Please search on google or read a book.Spain has been involucrated on at least 5 wars on 20th century.

I like Spain as a country and the people. My complaint is that War Thunder has already failed to implement the many nations it has included and made the game worse by introducing so many nations not better.

Every country understandably wants its own tech tree. I don’t think that is good for the game.

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That is fine.

From my point of view the more variety the better.

That is your opinion but other people have a diferent point of view.

OK, you are entitled to your opinion, and I am by no means offended by your opinion being different to mine, but I just don’t see 30 different types of tanks on a battlefield having anything to do with the military and uniformity. Not in a game that boasts realism as a selling point.

Personally, I would love a spin off War Thunder WW2 with just those nations and vehicles that fought. That would be my dream, a million miles away from yours no doubt.

It is by no means just my opinion it is the opinion of many and you can see that many others have said the same over the years. Many see the glory days of WT being when there was only 3 nations.

Whole convo could be closed with 2 arguments:

  1. Spain has next to no indigenous designs - boring
  2. Playerbase is not big enough to cater to right now(like with China)

Spain could be a subtree, but can’t see it as it’s own, sorry.


So then get a sub-tech tree!
But for whom?
Also Spain has lots of very nice decals.
The decals could be added more easily.

I think there are nations with bigger playerbase like Poland or Turkey(at least according to War Thunder Player Count - How Many People Are Playing Now?) which don’t have trees or subtrees yet that would be on higher priority.

But sure, eventually Spain as well

Absolutely agree that Spain would be a good addition to the game, but I do think certain other nations should come before it

Like Turkey or Poland.No?
The adition of spanish decals should be added since there are at least two in game.

I’d say Czechoslovakia, Poland and Yugoslavia are all contenders for full trees that could come before Spain while the Koreas and Turkey are Israeli styled who I’d say could come before

Spain would most likely got to italy or france if it were to become a sub tree

Spain was also probably the more preffered sub tree choice for italy if you ask most italian mains since they actually had relations even after WW2


Brazil would’ve been a far superior sub-tree for Italy than Hungary, Spain, Romania or any other country one might think of adding to them