Weserflug P.1003

The Weserflug P.1003 was the first vtol plane of history.
1938 developed, one Daimler-Benz DB 600 motor,
two rotors. All data I could find is here:

Maybe it could be added, it were really cool.




Given ot never got off the drawing board and hardly even got that far its incredibly unlikely.


They built a prototype, like the Horten Ho 229, so why schouldn‘t Gaijin put it in game:

„ The aircraft was built with high-mounted wings,…“

Laziest excuse ever

I would love this in game

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Thank you

It’s a drawing with no guns or bombs. It’d be added as an AI target. It never reached prototype stage


So your source for a prototype being build is 1 sentence on Wikipedia with no citation attached?

Because this is also on Wikipedia.


You know it’s Wikipedia. But no it says this:

But it would be cool if it get into game.

I know, but it says both of those things. Therefore, your only source is a Wikipedia page that contradicts itself and literally nothing else. That’s not a source. Highlighting the 1 part of the Wikipedia that supports your position while ignoring the part that doesn’t is cherrypicking “evidence.”


Thats simply descirbing how its desgined it was never built.

Definitely wasn’t made but would make a cool event vehicle.

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That could be an option

Looks good to me, I look forward to seeing it in-game one day o7

That’s not what wiki says

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Great idea Axollo. Will be really funny to play. Please ad this to the game!!!

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It pretty explicitly is. The “aircraft was built with high mounted wings” bit is simply describing the aircrafts desgin and how it would have been constructed not that it was. In additon to that fact Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source’ It also explicitly states “the aircraft was never built”

Wikipedia is accepted as source for academic works, as such it is considered reliable.

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Not sure what academic works your doing where it is acceptable but in my expirence that is not the case at least not without multiple additonal sources in support of it. Which are not present in this case.

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If you look at the references for the wiki page…

  1. Weserflug WP 1003

Sparse but does contain the original basic plan

  1. Weserflug P.1003/1 Luft '46 entry

“the concept never left the drawing board”

I suspect the wiki text was meant to say ‘was to be built’ which would match ref 2 as well as many other sources.

Wikipedia is never an accepted standalone reference, certain not in education or academic circles and most websites also take this view. It’s a decent first stop towards finding other more reliable sources but like the WT wiki it’s user generated and ‘facts’ aren’t always facts.


I work in academia. It is my job. It is what I do for a living.

It absolutely isn’t considered a reliable source in academia.