WEP for all other planes

The WEP has some issues that didn’t have full power on other aircraft

when pressing key W at full throttle (WEP doesn’t get maxed for full capability power)

Not a bug.
This is a limitation of the irl engine of the aircraft.
War emergency power is not a universal engine setting.

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There’s kinda 3 engine modes in game. You got the standard Full power, every plane can do this. Then you got WEP which reduced airflow to radiators and gives the engine everything it can possibly pull, but if you run it too long the engine will burn out. And then we have the planes that will cook themselves if you run at 100% giving you a sort of pseudo WEP having to run 90-95% in standard cruise and use 100% conditionally

WEP has little to nothing to do with radiator airflow, it’s primarily an injection method to increase power output, hence why it has a limited amount of use.

oh i didn’t know…

But as your average joe without fancy control setups it will close off most cooling ducts making your engine run hotter very fast

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Why is your throttle bound go the W key?

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Correct - without MEC the AEC settings of imho all props are closing all rads to reduce drag.

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