Wellington Bot spam at 2.3

Because of the new economy changes which are great, it has its downsides in certain premium planes at low brs have waaay to high of silver lion bonus, and because of that almost every game at 2.3 there are spams of brand new accounts botting in the wellington.
This makes it extremely frustrating to get footage for a video i am trying to make that requires the enemy team to have fw200s or he111s to fight.
i hope something is done about this as its been really frustrating to do, thank you


So, guess what I’m going to do right now?

Thanks for the tip

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bot spam in general is getting really bad. It is the worst it has ever been. I think it is a regional thing if you catch my drift.

I’ve noticed sooo many bot german wellingtons. Will something be done about it? How do you report bots?

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Yup, 2.3 always has bot German Wellingtons because of the crazy SL booster.

They dive to a mini-base and die.