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post this in the suggestions category instead and add a poll so it may actually be heard

Gajin tested it like a year ago?

There were problems like attackers tickets not reseting, defenders not having unlimited tickets and having to drive to active cap giving huge advantage to attackers.
Overall was fun.

But I guess it was either scraped by Gajin or community didn’t like it so they just said “Well we tried”

Guess you mean the World War mode.

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It was 2 years ago when it was tested and forgotten.

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I wish Gaijin brought that event back. It had a couple issues, but it was really fun otherwise.

I think with some changes, it could become its own game mode, and could work for several maps.

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Yeah and feedback was possitive from community so I dont know why it did not became a thing. Unless Gajin working on implementing it into all maps before they drop it. Which I suspect can take a lot of time taking most maps and turning them into this mode where both sides feel balanced.

That or it was just abandoned, which would be shame because game desperately need it after 10 years.

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Hello someweirdname, It’s just an idea that crossed my mind and I wanted to share it with other minds, it never crossed my mind that someone from Gajin would pay attention to this, if they don’t even take care of more important things. Thanks.