Weird that shattered APDS rounds dont translate to a deadly tungsten shotgun

If my APDS round is shattering upon penetration then where are the fragments? Instead my round disappears. If a 50cal can penetrate 30mm of armour then why cant a shattered APDS round that was once a 6kg shot flying at mach 5? And why doesnt the crew of the tank I just hammered a devastatingly fast round into eat a shotgun of shattered tungsten?

A 100mm plate should get it the worst especially, that is enough armor to shatter an APDS round and also enough to cause a good deal of spalling without compromising the velocity of the shot I imagine

If you look up the kinetic energy of an APDS shot it is often quite high, often higher than a solid shot round that does more damage than it, im failing to understand this damage model, is the implication that because the round is lighter and has a smaller diameter it should do less damage? To me, because it is flying much faster it should have a deadlier cone in a smaller entry radius, I cant comprehend a crew member in the direct trajectory surviving a tank round under any possible circumstances, fragments sort of disappear in this game, how fast are they flying?

I also shot at a tank that had two peices of armor very closely sandwiched together, that is enough to prevent an APDS round from penetrating currently, two peices of armor welded together is enough to break this games advanced damage model and all its glory

My round can penetrate through hundreds of mm of armor but it cant penetrate a human? Or a mm of air between two plates?

Fix APDS, this is a mess