Weird rewarding RP system


I would like to ask how rewarding system works because I belive there is something wrong. I had great battle and gained a lot of points and reward was only 12.000 RP. I have premium account and it was gained with premium vehicle. Also I had +100% RP bonus for killing more than 9 players.
After that I played standard game and received 8.000 RP. Math definitely dont match here.
Great battle here:

And what I get.

Standard game here:

And what I get

Complete info from both games:

The skill bonus is calculated from the BASE of your rp, it is not included with the boosters, premium etc.
so i dont see anything strange in it.
the biggest factor in the ammount of RP you get is the gametime.

Yes. So that means that game is no focused to destroying the oponents but only to be in game and taking zones and sometimes prevent the others to take it…

Because as I can see rewards for destroying oponents are not so high… Little bit disappointment for good players… I think that bonus RP should be calculated from whole summary and if Gaijin is scary about their gains, they can raise up number of destroyed players for every stage of bonus but it will be much higher motivation also for buying their premium accounts…

Killing is not all. You’re right. A combination of all the things you can do in a battle works best for me. I start most of the times as a scout and help with an early spot so my team knows where the enemy is.
Then I try to stay alive as long as possible and flank, cap and shot planes if I can.
But what a real gamechanger was for me is the following …
I don’t care anymore about the amount I get from a battle. I use Premium and got almost 24.000.000SL … No grinding just having fun and giving the best in every battle.

Standard game:
Higher activity, longer time.

Premium game:
Lower activity, shorter game time.