Weird radar rings

Why is there a weird ring appearing on my radar during GRB? It does not appear during test drives and I don’t remember there being one before this update. Does chaff jam the screens now>

Tbh im not sure, but i want to share one experience i had with this:

Helicopter on my six, the radar does the same but leaves a portion of the back empty (not completing the ring) checked behind and got a ping from the heli. I dont know it its meant to represent that the radar is picking something but cannot tell where due to interference or a blind spot, or that whatever is picking is masking the signature and the radar cannot give and accurate position and just shows a ring to show it is detecting something around that distace.

Had it happen more times but sometimes there isnt anything in the air, so i have no clue how it works. Maybe it means that there is something above you, you detected it while it was still on your radar range and now it isnt?

Its a bug. Basically, the usual ping you get from an aircraft is getting stretched around the while dish.