Weird graphic issue... [GRB]


i played today carpatians map…drove with my tank to position where i was hopefully to take a look over some points on the map. I was shot through a bunch (a lot!) of bushes by a chinese guy… i couldn’t see him (he was spotted and marked by a teammate)
I was not spotted!
I looked the server replay from my view and from hios view:
From my view, there was no chance to see him!
From his view i was standing totally open on the field… no bushes… nothing!

I play on high graphics setting… if he was playing on ulq, wasn’t it so, that i had to change my graphics to ulq too, to see what he was able to see?
Or is this a kind of bug?

It pisses me off, to have again and again this grpahics-ulq-shit!
Does anyone else have such a issue?

I’m having some stutters in aerial battles, I don’t know exactly why, normal FPS and PL.

That’s an additional issue! I got those effects too! Ping 20ms 0%PL and random stuttering…
…and i did not found the “bug report section” in the new forum here…
It’s going worse and worse… sad… :-(

I would have thought server replay would just play in whatever graphic settings you have for yourself? (Even when switching to other players’ view)

Yepp, that’s what i thought too! i was really surprised that it was a total different view!! So i came to the conclusion that it makes only sense playing in ulq too… sad for my graphicscard, it will sleep while playing WarThunder…

A ton of players using hacks but others will say it is a skill issue

“A ton” is somewhat exaggerated but since a certain server closed there is an increase of “forbidden modifications”.