Weird and buggy update

This has to be one of the weirdest updates i’ve ever experienced.
I have played almost every major update on launch day for the past 2 years and some small bugs here and there is to be expected. But i wonder HOW the update had none of the current issues on the dev server but as soon as its live there are so many issues that spontaneously just appear out of thin air?

This one, wow, there are some weird bugs man.

i’ve played 3 games and found 4 (perhaps 5) bugs so far.
-Chaff and flare amounts incorrect.
-Looping rearm at runway.
-Taking screenshots minimizes the game
-The directional indicator of movement in mouse aim mode gets stuck to a random position after loosing radar lock.
-(Unsure and need to double check but the JAS39 HMD radar mode has a WAY harder time locking enemies even when they are flying straight at you at full speed)

I’ve seen MANY posts on the forum about other issues i have yet to see myself.

How in the world does an update break this much compared to dev-server?

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Boy you haven’t seen bugs in ground battle lol

I have not no.
Got any examples?