Weekly decal missons


We had the monthly decal suggestions a while ago until they for some reason were removed, this was apity as it was a enjoyable event with lots of nice decals! So here i suggest something simlar, but with a little “twist” or “change”


Having 3 decals, one decal for ground forces, one decal for air forces and one decal for naval forces, each decal would have their own requirements, for example:
-Missons/tasks like destroy a certain amount of players vehicles, or gain a certain amount of points
-These tasks would be fulfilled using vehicles of the nation wich the country’s decal is most relevant to

The decals would change each or every second week, featuring new decals and varying missons/tasks, If a player manages to fulfill the tasks and recieve all the 3 decals, the player would be given a point, wich when earned 4 of those, meaning the player has grinded the decals of 4 weeks, will be given a crate/trophy, either be given a crate with the chanses of winning silver lions, boosters, or vehicles, much like the event chests/daily login, or be given trophy’s, Or eventually just a silver lions award

From my knowlegde there is a lot of decals from all the countries and nations currently present in Warthunder, and even more from others, so there would be enough left for battlepasses, events and other

The monthly decal events wich we had quite a while ago, are sorely missed by many players. This can bring some more content to the game and give some players potentially fun tasks where they get symbols, decals they could be interested in


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The new vehicle event cycle is stressful enough(45,000 MP is ridiculous). I would rather not have so many events.


Yes it is

If I remember correctly, you could buy the decals before, there could be something similar here as well i think👌

Hurry up and return the old sticker. Gaijin can even sell it directly to GE. I missed a sticker two years ago and never had a chance to get it again

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The new event already is taking most player’s time, plus the war bonds, plus Pages of History. This isn’t a good idea to put another event.

One thing to remember is that a player does not need to do those tasks in order to possibly get some of these decals, and the tasks will not be that difficult either, as in play a certain amount of battles, destroy a certain amount of enemy vehicles or play a battle wit an activity over, for example, 70%

Like pages of history, it’s there and anyone can do those tasks if they want, but you don’t have to :)

Of course you don’t have to, nobody even has to play the game!

The problem is the game is more and more into grindwalled contents, I do remember time (and you can still see it) where doing kills/bombing where enough to unlock decals. Starting with 1.53 decals where less and less common and now you often have them in War Bonds or during Events.

I don’t really like this change. If only they did both: event+unlock I’d be OK. As in, doing tasks to unlock them OR after then event you can still unlock them by doing X something.