Weather/ clouds wtf!

So can some explain to me and a lot of others who want to know what’s up with 99% of maps being CLOUDY look i get randomness but this is far from that

Played the level 3 bracket ground assault last night and the game started in day/afternoon, with overcast skies. By the end of the game it was full night! Its like the lights got turned off mid match. lol

Had a ground match last night where people thought it was night, but it was like thunder clouds it was that deep and dark.

Best to make Bug reports and or Suggestions on how it could be improved


I actually really like it because it makes it harder to see the planes as they are headed in, and thus the same with air to the ground.

While the extremes are a problem in some cases, the weather overall is actually really cool.

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Even worse than night lmao

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