Weakest russian armor

The question why the most modern russian armor is so wek in game? It takes only 4 shots to get killed in T80, and only 6-7 shots to be killed in T90. While the all of us known that russian armor should survive at least 10-20 shots, its riducilus to have so weak armor in game. Gaijin please make russian tanks closer to its originals, its obvious that they can not be killed.


Im not sure if you are trolling or not


Looks at Ukrainian War

You sure about that?


I think it is because Gaijin are now based in Hungary, that is why they silently nerf Russian armour. I remember the days when I took T-26 into high tier battles and bounced multiple Jagdtiger shots, things back then were the way they should be.

They haven’t nerfed a single russian MBT.
But gaijin should nerf them because in real life they have way worse survivability.

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This is satire (I hope)

Yes its incredibly unrealistic my LOSAT takes 4 rods sometimes to kill a T-80 it should take a solid hit from a tactical nuke and walk it off while the crew sips vodka