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It’s no secret that the United States’ tech tree isn’t equipped with great vehicles at the top tier.

We place greater importance on the Anti-Aircraft Defense branch, which is actually not an air defense system but a tank destroyer with proximity missiles (ADATS).

While Russia has the PANTSIR-S1 with its 20.0km and 18.0km missiles, we only have the ADATS missile, which reaches a mere 8.0km distance!

That’s a massive 12.0km difference and a 10.0km overlap, making it impossible to balance the air defense of the American team on the battlefield.

I won’t get into the MBT aspect; we may not have the best MBTs, but if you don’t press W constantly, you can still achieve satisfactory results.

Let’s discuss some air defense systems that could finally balance the battlefield (even if the system is nerfed to achieve this balance).

In conclusion, debate! We need systems that can compare with the PANTSIR-S1.


This is a conversation that should be had tbh. Got no idea about US aa systems, but I could see a troubling future for many minor countries in the AA department unless patriot system-like weapons are added… :/

No, lets add another high-tier Russian CAS plane that can entirely outrange any NATO SPAA in the game


USA has among the best top lineup. OP CAS I use personally that can’t be fragged by any SPAA, amazing MBTs, and the best light tank in the game tied with CV90120.

Zero tech trees in War Thunder have SPAA that can frag CAS, and ALL ten tech trees need new SPAA superior to that of ITO-90M and Pantsir.

Germany and Sweden, the tech trees with the best MBTs, are not the Soviets.
Soviets do not have the best MBTs, they have one good MBT, and the Abrams is equal to better.

Pantsir does not have 20km missiles against jet targets.
Pantsir cannot frag NATO CAS.
You even admit Pantsir was “nerfed”.

NATO CAS isn’t Russian, weird of you to claim that Gripen, Tornado, F-14B, F-16C, etc are all Russian… you know CAS that outranges all SPAA in the game, many of which I personally use.


Yeah, Pantsir have missel 20.0KM
I apologize for my game being in Portuguese, but it is my native language.

I said that if necessary, they could nerf air defense systems that could be added to the United States. I didn’t say to nerf the PANTSIR, just to better understand the situation where a PATRIOT system could be integrated into the game, even if nerfed, to balance the field against the PANTSIR.

If we follow the standard of US systems being about 2 decades behind, MIM-23 would be realistic

ahm T-50:

Nah fox is better

Paper stats =/= performance of the missile.
20km is against drones coming at the Pantsir.
It’s 18km against helicopters, <13km against jets controlled by pilots using standard CAS tactics… which more players should learn.

Context matters.

Nuh uh
T-50 is the insane 2.7 monster, better then fox

SPAA and emplaced systems like PATRIOT are not intetchangeable in this game. The controlability and mobility of SPAA works, while PATRIOT’s static emplacement would not work as a player controlled entity in game. It would work for airfield defense in place of SPAA currently used, but not for battlefield protection in ground modes. Plus the PATRIOT system is much too advanced for current aircraft without features like ECM pods and such.

Petition for everyone to ignore Alvis untill he goes insane.


ADATS used to be super good in the past along with other things, but Gaijoob decided to Nerf it because simply it was outmatching the 2S6, now its at 11.7 with a slow speed and shaking missiles, honestly its place is at 10.0 as a tank destroyer.


Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a room. A rubber room. A rubber room with Alvis. And Alvis makes me crazy.

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