We need to talk about Red Zones/Out of bounds

I’m going start with, in the beginning they were good. Keep people out of TRUE out of bounds area like outside of the map or on top of hills. Though now that is not only what they are being used for.

So time to pump the blood breaks. For some reason because of map balance or design issues, I been seeing the red zones/out of bounds to keep players from going old locations within the map. These are not some trick location or cramp little area to hide in. There are becoming areas that were wide open. Sometimes not easy to get to but now are just a no go area or you go BOOM.

First time I saw it was on Second battle of El Alamein (Domination #2) where the upper right where people try to get to that high zone where B normally is. That is now blocked off… Annoying yes but okay, devs don’t want people going up there any more… Then I just played Mozdok (small version) and they just blocked off a 400m² area on the upper left.

Now that is just straight up BS map balancing. I don’t like that type of balancing and I don’t like the trend I am seeing and honestly we shouldn’t let them do this lazy map balancing either. If they don’t want people going those locations, then rework the map. Don’t just cut a section of the map off just because you are unable to balance them in the moment.

Let me know if there are other locations and maps that have so really gross, lazy and just weird red zones too.


They have been doing this to make ”coridor Maps” where the only way to go is face to face with the enemy. Russia or germany always wins those maps

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