We need to discuss again the role of early spawn and low tier helicopters

As of right now, they’re pretty much a useless pick or a meme card for giggling.

There is a very simple solution to fitting low br and early spawn helos in the game: GIVE THEM THE SPOT ABILITY.

that’s pretty much about it. With the spot ability they can contribute to the match and earn spawn points to eventually go back and restock with more powerful ordnance later on the same match.

I don’t think the rushing rockets and instantly die meta is what we helicopter play should be about, right? And its not like spotting things would be a game breaker, its just a little QOL for us to play with our favorite vehicles without feeling like hurting the team.

How to break game in one easy step.

how so?

Heli, unlike light tanks, can have unobstructed LoS and thus would be much more efficient scouts.

Especially at top tier it would be gamebreaking, just spawn Tiger UHT, climb, spot the entire enemy team and voila, your team now has major advantage.

and get shot in the face by an early anti air.

or said scout ability can have a timed cooldown timer so your strategy is no longer exploitable? if you have a 10s timer between spots you’d be exposed for a long time before you can manage to spot “the entire team” and even so, it’s not like battles are totally balanced right now, or people care to look about scout callouts on the map anyway

Either you rely on team of 15 anonymous mouthbreathers to do so, in which case good luck.

Or you spawn it yourself and risk being useless for solid 5 minutes before anyone takes the air.

And unlike early game helis that require for youto get close to land hits with unguided rockets, you can sit as far away as your optics allow it. Spotting is instantenous so no need to account for flight time of your missile; same cant be said about SAMs.

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still, drones can do exactly that and (unlimited view, instant spotting, are HARDER than choppers to kill) we don’t see drones as game breakers

Drones are limited in a way that they rely on ping instead of on scouting mechanic. Which needs constant input from the player controlling the drone.

And recon drones are absolute game breakers especially when in squad.

Dont rush in, instead be more skill full in your approach to the battle area

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If you think early helis are a useless pick - you just arent good enough for the heli rush.

The whole point of spawning early is so that you can position your chopper good enough that by the time the enemy makes contact with your team, they would hopefully be busy enough for you to get the kill. And then even if you die after killing one or two - you reap back that investment of taking out some of the enemy players for your team at basically no expense on your own as you wouldve recouped the SP needed for that heli rush.

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