We need to address top tier MBTS with 3 crew/autoloaders

jesus stop saying german, its the Strv122s, the german Leopard 2A5/6 and PSO dont even have spall liners in the chassis only in the turret. Stop spreading misinformation. The Strv122 have the spall liner everywhere while having better armor as well.
Besides that when speaking about spall liners Challengers have them as well

I think the tradeoff is fine. Less survivability but fixed reload with great frontal armor. As long as you stick with your teammates nothing has essentially changed.

sorta good i guess, western mbts should ideally get a bit more buffed (france isnt a real nation [joke for all you mods out there])

Im going to be real with you here, good. I play a decent amout of autoloaded MBTs in leclercs, type 90s, type 10s, and ztz-96s, as well as manual loaded tanks like chally 2’s, 122’s and abrams’s, and Ill tell you right now there are some serious advantages inherent to having autoloaders that people forwhatever reason completely ignore while calling them worse because they have one less crewmember.

Autoloaders can hit their maximum reload speed without any speed or GE investment, cannot have their reload interrupted by extinguishing fires or loosing crewmen, and imo most importantly cannot have their reload speed slowed by injured crewmen. As the game stands right now, having an autoloader is a serious advantage and having slightly reduced survivability is their tradeoff.

If perhaps autoloaders were to change by say being destructible, or if they had variable reload speed for stuff like indexing or gun elevation maybe, or maybe letting manual loaders be healed somehow, but as they stand right now they absolutely dont need artificially buffed crew survivability. Giving them their historical spall liners would be nice tho