We need soilders

i think we need to add soldiers to ground battles that would add to the realistic look. and under use planes the C130 is missing and stealth bombers are missing as well.


Luckly for you, they made a whole game just for that called “Enlisted”.


Well i would also like it but not as playable characters but as npc’s i could think of a different gamemode thats like League of legends-ish you have to protect them on the way towards a goal againts NPC tanks, so its like a CO-OP ish thing


This could also mean the possibility of implementing a Auto-aim system for hull or loose mounted machine guns that could be toggled on/off

I do find this idea exiting just for the mechanic implimation possibility

There is a reason for missing infantry.

The game is rated 12+, giving access to a very wide audience. Adding infantry would lead to an increased age rating.


inb4 you get sniped from a bush by a Javelin you had no hopes of spotting

This is mechanised warfare only fantasy type of game. It is what distinguishes it on the market from other games.
If you want combined warfare there are other games that aim to do that (Battlefield, Enlisted, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum, Squad, Arma, …)

Edit: Although there are other ways how to do that. There already small vehicles like ASU-57 or Wiesel, that act very similar to how infantry would. You could also add simple trucks with recoiless rifle or atgm on top of that, which would be small and easy to hide like an infantry would. Or even ground drones.

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They can be seen in air battles fighting it out on the ground. They are also in Helicopter PVE on the ground anti tank guns.

They could in theory be added into ground but it would probably have to be a game mode with a PVE environment. Maybe something like ground assault, but a version where you have to move a tank platoon to attack a ground target area (Troop position). Using existing in game units like the anti tank guns. Individual troops would be a little too much in my opinion.

As someone said prior to you, it’s the age restriction that doesn’t allow it. It’s been questioned so many times, same answer.

PEGI-12 for a reason.

Nah… When you shoot them they just become “unconscious”. ;)

There are already dismounts and AT-gun and shore battery crews in world-war and naval EC modes.

But that’s the thing, they are just sleeping on your vehicles.

This, they’d be on the ground and it’s not the same.

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The AI crews disappear when destroyed like destroyed player vehicle crews. “Destroyed” dismounts disappearing into the ground like destructible map items would be a way around that if there is no blood or dramatic death scenes.

The issue is, you’d be able to run over people…

That would be a problem.


I don’t buy the restrictions reason considering there are live crew models on vehicles, aircraft, and especially vessels in the game. They can be seen in/on NPC gun positions as well. Destroyed as a whole. When a vehicle with visible crew is destroyed, it is just a destroyed vehicle afterwards. No bodies in the burning wreck. Npc positions don’t really leave much behind.
With npc gun positions, just have a destroyed gun, no bodies. Limit visible destruction like they currently do. A puff of smoke and a crater afterwards could work.

My concept would limit the closest engagements to machine gun range at best. Remove access to parts of a map so tanks can’t go run things over. Have anti tank barriers that cannot be destroyed. Pretty keeping it PVE.

For actual PVP environments, just limit the troop units death to a dissolving body thing, a smoldering crater, or fading ghost effect. There are no gratuitous death animations or aftermaths in this game and never will be.

We had mech suits not to long ago and they were capable of destroying each other, and vehicles. We did not see a age restriction on that did we? I don’t recall running over any mech suit problems. So it IS possible and did happen already didn’t it? To have some form of troops along side tanks.

Will they be added? Nah. Doubt it. Better left to npc models and special game modes

Well, it’s how it’s been forever.

The mechsuit isn’t the same either, as it’s not a person sized thing but a craft.

I agree the age restriction has been there forever, but not the absence of troops.

The exosuits (I should of called them that, mech suits sound so much bigger) were literally human sized with the guns hanging off them.

They’re still a craft, not a human. And they weren’t human sized.

That’s precisely why it’s described as “a crew member has been knocked out” rather than accurately stating what occurred, which is “a crew member has been severely mutilated by a 20mm projectile striking directly at the back of the head.”