We need new tasks and special medals

We need new tasks that reflect the state of the game, this is yet another system that’s been ignored and neglected for the last decade in favor of new shiny vehicles and copy paste vehicles, whilst the core game is just falling apart.

Whenever you try to do some dailies or a special task and you get something like this


So I cannot complete daily tasks in Japan then, I also cannot use Italy, I also cannot use Sweden, I also cannot use Israel… 4 out of 10 nations aren’t even eligible to complete a basic daily task.


Hope you won’t be playing against those 4 nations either because good luck with that, there are also almost no heavy tanks about BR 6-7 so no high BR play here.


Also becomes increasingly difficult to do with lower BR options being removed.

For US you need to play all the way to 5.7, for Germany that’s 6.7 so any new player has no options to complete this unless they’re halfway down the tech tree, when the Puma or M24 could have easily been rank 3, as they also are in the Italian and Japanese tree.


Again impossible as Japan due to a lack of strike aircraft, due to arbitrary designations that have always been hurting the game.
France also all the way to 6.0, Sweden not until 7.0.


Again invalidating half the nations in the game for this task.

Then a bunch of just insane tasks which are supposed to be easy? For who?


How is this even possible to control? First strike, maybe… last strike? Not a chance.

Tasks that require a 100 assists, a 100 kills, 60 medium tank kills or dumb stuff like that.

And where are all the MBT tasks? Where are all the jet fighter tasks? Or even helicopter tasks? Oh right they don’t exist because this is all from 10 years ago and has not been touched since besides some random rework that clearly didn’t touch on any of this.

At the very least all nations need to viable to complete these tasks and they should just adapt to the BR you are playing, if you’re playing at top tier it should pertain to MBTs or jets and not heavy/medium/SPG stuff at top tier.

And when people pay SL or god forbid GE to change these absurd if not impossible to complete tasks, you cannot give them the exact same tasks they paid to not have to do, paying 50.000 SL to get a task I can actually do with the nation I am playing only to get another impossible task I already paid good money for to avoid, and to then start charging GE for that is ridiculous.

Just simplify and generalize these tasks so they apply to all nations and vehicles and don’t require a specific vehicle that isn’t available for half the nations in the tree or require players to be halfway through a tech tree to be able to do.

Cut out the stupid and impossible tasks, stop charging 50k SL for rerolling and stop repeat tasks.

Also, remove win conditions from a personal task, don’t make players jump through hoops to complete a very specific and tedious task only to not count it because their team did not win the match.


So tired of having to waste hundreds of thousands SL only to get the same ridiculous tasks over and over again, then being forced to waste SL and get the same impossible tasks yet again.

Not to mention to have the daily task and the special medals share the same costs.

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