We need more unique premium vehicles

So “we” comes from a perspective of me and some of ny friends. We started playing this game at least a few years ago, so we are kinda veterans and have some finished trees. We are also working already, and we have a decent salary that can afford premiums, but we don’t really have a lot of time to grind on new trees.

We are facing this issue here right now being that we want to play some new vehicles, but not many are available. Each update merely gives a few vehicles to unlock on the trees we completed, and when we want to pay for some extra fun vehicles to play all we can see are premium vehicles that are merely copies of each other. This really sucks - why would I want to pay for stuff like f4s or f4juk when I already have stuff like f4ej kai? Why would I pay for mig23ml when I already have mig23mld? Why would I pay for j7d when I have j7e? Many more examples, but you get what I mean.
So we face the awkward issue where we do want to support Gaijin by getting some packs and stuff, but we really aren’t interested at what’s offered. We sincerely hope Gaijin could provide more premium vehicles that are unique and not just copies of tech trees.

tldr unique premium vehicles = we want to buy, copies of tech tree = we don’t want to buy

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Cause Gaijin sells those premiums for those that still have to grind the rest of those planes you mentioned and others, not for those that already own them. That’s their target when they make premiums.

Also there are a lot of unique premium vehicles in the game that are only available as premiums, if you make more of them like that you will restrict them from those that cannot afford them.

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actually, I think unique vehicles should be TT or Squadron, or atleast event, because locking unique vehicles behind a paywall isn’t good.



How to say you didnt read the post without saying it

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I got about as far as the first paragraph, so with out being rude for the mean time talisman seemed like an appropriate answer. There is a suggestion section ofvthe forum and a machinery section.

The whole point of WT is to grind other wise you end up in a situation like the OP

There are event vehicles btw

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Seconded. Locking unique playstyles behind wallet is a terrible excuse of monetization and a mistake this game needs to stop making with battlepasses/events/premiums, all the aforementioned grinds should have “unique” (read: historically significant) versions of TT vehicles as rewards.

F-20 has entered the chat.
(Supposedly according to some leaks)

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