We need bigger air maps! (And Air Realistic EC!)

Is it just me or do the air maps in this game feel cramped and restricted? Like even on the 131km x 131km maps, if you have 20 jets flying around the map doesn’t feel that large anymore. I want bigger maps, not DCS big, but at least 260km x 260km, we need these bigger maps especially when the more capable fox-3s are added or if realistic EC makes a return. I’d like to enjoy my flight to the objective and occasionally get in a dogfight. I don’t want to takeoff, fly for 60 seconds and instantly get radar locked. War Thunder needs to create bigger maps so realistic EC can be a thing with real unique objectives and actual standoff BVR fights. Now that we have this reworked RWR, and once we get the AIM-120A and the R-27EA/R-77, we must start to ease away from the arcadey deathmatches and move onto more strategic game modes.


Until we get into true BVR meta we don’t need bigger maps

16 v 16 will always block any strategic gameplay when a single enemy can just launch his entire arsenal at you. Map size will fix nothing if there will just be a zillion and then some missiles in the air.

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I agree. We need bigger maps, with 2 or more airfields side by side as some lower tier prop maps have, or just smaller matches. The 16v16 change is the WORST THING gaijin could have done for ARB, it’s so over the top overwhelming and pure chaos


At top tier yes, but its a lot better at props and early jets

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I totally agree. I just want a gamemode where it isn’t just a dogfight slaughterfest with a giant furball in the middle of the map, I want a larger play space with less people that can give strike aircraft room to fly to an objective and do different tasks. Gaijin is giving us all these more modern jets but not giving us the modern environment to use them in. I hate to compare War Thunder to DCS, but War Thunder needs to take a play out of their book for once when it comes to air and give us diverse and non-claustrophobic gamemodes.

I think objective points should be separated. They might have put the airfield much further away from each others, but they have not done anything to the objectives. Thus everyone is going center of the map and most of the fighting happens in a small corridor between the 2 airfield

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Yeah they definitely need to spread things out more.

YES YES and more YES. Why no Realistic EC!?!?!?!?! I want to play that kind of mode. If they think it’s because the the rewards will be too much well, they could adjust the mode’s rewards. I just want something more strategic than current Air RB maps.

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No, or at least under 12.0, No. RB doesn’t need larger map, because we only have 25mins in each battle.


+1 but only for top tier. Big maps are just boring below 10.7.


In my eyes, the bigger maps would be strictly for realistic EC and regular air rb would retain the 128km x 128km maps.

More Startpoint Airfields is an interesting Idea, this might limit the Furball

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I agree 100%, let’s drop the fighter meta and focus more on a balanced gamemode—and EC would do exactly that. Just give the strike aircraft some breathing room…

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I rarely play anything but fighters, but still, a game system that makes me feel aversion to attack planes and bombers joining my side is fundamentally wrong!
AirRBEC could improve that.

I’d love to see it return

We need Air RB maps with air caps or something to draw the fighters off the deck. No more ground shadowing and flying through trees with impunity.

  1. Add bomber escort maps. russians start in the air about 4 km ahead of their bombers, NATO aircraft on the ground responding. If the NATO aircraft down the bombers, its a win scenario.

  2. Add in flight intercept missions. Both teams start 100km apart at 40,000ft. Tickets are based on how many aircraft you have above each 10,000ft mark. Drop to 30,000ft and you loose tickets 2x as fast. Drop below 20,000ft and its 3x as fast. That way we get real air combat dog fights.

  3. Give naval aircraft the ability to spawn off the deck. Seriously, this would be fun.

  4. Give naval intercept missions, make the anti-ship missiles effective. Make the Naval AA and CIWS effective as well.

Some of those ideas are good. I’m not a fan of the altitude- ticket meter thing. I just so tired of this stale air rb dogfight arcadey deathmatch furball ace combat junk we have right now. That doesn’t feel like “war”, that feels like generic team deathmatch.

Bring back Air RB EC

-make 250 x 250 km maps
-prioritize complementary gameplay
-ground attack and air cap meta
-fighters support strike aircraft
-bring in SAMs like the SA-3 (Found in files)
-add SEAD
-bigger maps allow true BVR meta
-Fox-3 jousting should be the meta, not dogfights—if you want those go play air rb
-more complex ticket system
-multiple airfields
-in air refueling?

Possibilities are endless…

We should put the “war” back into War Thunder