We need better RP blanancing

I know everyone is aware of this problem but we need to act on this, The RP and SL gain are too little, we see gaijin partners being able to request vehicles to play for no cost but when anyone else wants to play vehicle in top tier (which is not very fun gameplay wise imo) We have to spend 4 months or 4 hundred dollars, at that point make the game cost $30 and let us play with what we want


Become a Gaijin partner then.

not enough, still have to grind a lot

Exactly. As this type of game is NOT popular at all (overall, in the gaming space, hence why all the CoD type shooty shooty no thinky thinky infest the whole game now due to limited games like this) we end up with a Free to Play game with this grind model. The grind is what subconsciously hooks people into the loop of new vehicle/spade vehicle/next vehicle (varies per mode of course due to differing systems).

I am not really focusing on the RP/SL side of the topic but the bad decision to use CC’s as a stick to beat Gaijin with to argue for alterations in earnings. Earnings is a controlled part of the game; people already seem to get to the tiers they want, including top tier, rather quickly. The staying power for many seems to be purely from the grind and probably would have given up if they got all they wanted quicker; the game does not change from day one and I am sure it gets older faster without this slowing down of progress.

CC’s of course invest a LOT of time in game and they are promoting the game for the Devs so of course they will be given some short term benefits (Test Drives are still Test Drives and not infinite). But they are putting the time, money, and promoting the game online which the average player as the OP is NOT doing.

SL is not really an issue unless you play to push too quickly. RP is an artificial barrier due to the limits on earnings linked to Activity time and they will never make it too easy. For some it already is!

Point being: OP thinks playing a game for 4 months is too much (from what they said) and shows they are not the sort of player WT would focus on as they will be gone before they start.